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Web development – time to get started!

Today I got a start on my web development. Never having done this before, I decided to minimize my use of frameworks. I think their usage is very understandable for advanced users and people who already know what they’re doing. However, I’m not one of those people and so I feel like they would abstract away many concepts that I need to understand in order to (hopefully, someday) write good websites.

The tools:
– Go lang for the server
– html/CSS/JavaScript for the front-end.

I picked Go because it’s the only language I know that you can write a web server in fairly quickly. That’s excluding JavaScript. Though coming from a C/C++ background, using a language that was designed to run in the browser just feels dirty for back-end usage to me.

Getting a very basic page set up was fairly straightforward. I wrote a short 40 line program in Go to serve up index.html and attached some simple click events to a menu to pop the menu items out on click.

My rough goal so far is to set up a personal website with a blog and a portfolio of photographs.


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Web development eh…

Today marks the start of my quest to learn some web development. I’ve been a programmer professionally for about 3 years and yet I’ve never actually learned how to write a simple website. Since a lot of the world runs on there today, I figured I should fix that and learn a few things.

I signed up for my first private repo over at and I’ll be starting my web development using HTML/CSS/JavaScript for the front-end and Go-lang for the back-end.

The little I’ve done so far with Go gives me the scripting feeling but allows me to do some pretty neat stuff. Like this naive quad-tree implementation:

I’m curious to see how my opinion evolves as I work with it more and more.

The next post will outline what type of project I want to do and get the ball rolling.

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